Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help me understand this

Oldsmobile needs a pay advance... AGAIN! This is his eighth of the year, and twenty-five (I'm not lying) in the four years he's been at DeltaHouse. And I'm finally putting my foot down. I'm not giving it to him.

I can't.

This won't change anything.

It doesn't solve Oldsmobile's problem: living ahead of his means.

If I give him an advance, he doesn't learn.

But do I let him starve (as he claims)? Do I let him not be able to get to work because he can't gas up the 1983 Olds that he rolls in?

Why should I give this fool money?

And the sad part is that I know that PlantGuy and TheBoss will tell me to do it, because they'll feel bad for him. I'm refusing this time. I'm flat refusing.

Today I snapped at him and asked, "When does this get better? When do you no longer need money?"

Why is this OK? Why it is OK for him to get a pay advance like he's asking for a glass of water? No one else asks for these more than maybe once a year (so it isn't the pay for the widget-making). EIGHT?!?!?! Eight's OK?

I'm telling him no, but I want someone to tell me why it's OK for DeltaHouse to keep bailing this fool out? If they can explain it to me, I'll give him the advance.


Sara said...

Won't hear it's okay from me. I just had to tell my CEO the other day why we should not let an employee who was going from FT to on-call status continue her FT benefits. She wrote a letter stating she deserved it because of how long she had been here. I told our CEO no because then where does it end and how is that saving us money? Consistency is what I always fall back on. I say teach him a lesson!!

Anonymous said...

You need a reason for not giving him the advance. If you have no policies or established practices in place regarding this, you should. Consider establishing a maximum number of advances an employee can request per rolling calendar year. This eliminates the problem with Oldsmobile and anyone else down the road. In my opinion, no more than 2-3 advances per year should be allowed but it is really up to your business. Could they afford giving everyone advances like this if they requested?


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